Venegroup ENG - Works

Engineering Services, GPR & RF for Utility Locating


VENEGROUP ENG provides private utility locating services throughout the contiguous United States. By law, a person is required to locate all underground utilities before starting an excavation project. VENEGROUP ENG has experienced professionals that will help by locating your unidentified underground utilities.

Our vision is to provide contractors and homeowners with complete locating services during construction process. By having your private and public utilities marked this avoids costly interruptions and repairs. With over 10 years experience no job is too big or too small.

VENEGROUP ENG offers the following utility locate services:

Electrical Cable Locating

Communication Cable Locating

Sewer Main Locating

Gas Line Locating

Water Pipe Locating

Storm Drain Locating

Other Miscellaneous Utilities

We are a family owned and operated business and we take pride in every job we do – “1st in Safety, 1st in Customer Satisfaction”