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Our vision is to provide contractors and homeowners with complete locating services during construction process. By having your private and public utilities marked this avoids costly interruptions and repairs.

With over 10 years experience no job is too big or too small.

We are a family owned and operated business and we take pride in every job we do – “1st in Safety, 1st in Customer Satisfaction”

Our experts can locate

  • Gas lines, power lines and communication lines
  • Sewer lines and, cable lines
  • Underground Storage Tanks
  • Underground Pipes
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VENEGROUP ENG provides private utility locating services throughout the contiguous United States.

By law, a person is required to locate all underground utilities before starting an excavation project. VENEGROUP ENG has experienced professionals that will help by locating your unidentified underground utilities.

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    We provide private underground utility locating services for construction and demolition projects of all types and scales, all across the country.

  • Using ground penetrating radar (GPR) and X-ray imaging technology, our experienced team members can detect, identify and label underground utility lines, tanks, and pipes.

  • This ensures that you can take the precautions necessary to avoid striking subsurface hazards during construction or excavation, keeping your team safe and your project on track.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do utility locating services work?

The equipment that Venegroup Eng uses for its utility locating services is extremely accurate. In order to provide the most comprehensive and accurate utilities survey, Venegroup Eng's utility locating services work through the use of electromagnetic induction technology in conjunction with ground penetrating radar (GPR). Venegroup Eng uses hand-held electromagnetic induction equipment consisting of a base unit and a wand to locate metallic pipes, live electrical currents, or signals from live communications wires.

Best time to contact a utility locating service?

Contact a private utility locating service before you dig! You may contact us via email info@venegroup-eng.com or by phone at (954) 389-5492.

Why a private utility locating service?

By law, you must locate utilities before beginning any sort of excavation project. Before doing any digging, everybody needs to call their respective 811 State One-Call. However, this free service only covers underground public utilities from the street to service meter and does not cover private utilities. For residential customers, private utilities may include gas lines for a heated pool, electric lines for a shed, garage, or barn, and certain sewers. For commercial customers, private utilities may include parking lot lighting, fire mains, and building-to-building utilities.
To guarantee location of private utilities, customers need to contact a private utility locating company such as Venegroup Eng. To provide the most comprehensive picture of existing sub-surface utilities on your job site, our ground-based utility detecting services should be used in conjunction with your state's one-call utility detection agency as well as any other utility data in your possession.


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